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I don’t remember enough Spanish to reply in Spanish, but I can still read it all right and I don’t understand it either. Also the preview for next week - not exactly happy about that kiss. Urgh

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/gasp you guys are just the best, indulging my spanish complaints! Sometimes, certain sassy-ness just feels better in spanish. But I definitely can’t understand it. I don’t understand shipping unhealthy, harmful relationships. It’s just not my cup of tea, but I’m well aware that leaves aren’t steeped exclusively for me.
They definitely have a chemistry between them, that I get. And I think it’s no coincidence that we saw Hannibal’s patient in this ep, with the grandiosity complex, so overly dependent on making friends with people who are “higher than him” and inadvertently saving the. I think it was very much paralleled with that strong scene in which Hannibal is sitting at his desk and he’s alone. Hannibal is grandiose, he thinks he can save, he thinks he can damn, and he’s very, very alone. “I have friends” he says, but he has nothing. The relationship he has with Will is a mutation of it, a parasite, not a friendship, not a bond. And I don’t know if it’s just me, but I got the feeling that the narrative is leading us (or just me) to think that Hannibal either looks down on Will, finds his running around in circles almost divinely amusing, or is beginning to think that Will is the first person to really get even remotely close to understand the world through his scope, because of his extreme empathy. 

I think Mads’ portrayal of Hannibal is very much like Lucifer, and this makes me think of Paradise Lost- that Hannibal is pleased to be infernal, and he’ll suffer if need be because he’d never, ever apologize. He sees he’s a monster, a terror, but he’d never want to change that. He has too much pride. He’s too divine for that. But Lucifer needed his legion, you feel me? And I think, so far, the narrative hasn’t disproved to me that he’s trying to find that a bit in Abigail Hobbs and more so in Will Graham, even if all the while he’s very clear in thinking “you’re a human, I’m seducing you into evil, I’m tempting you to swallow as much of Hell as you can, but I’m above you. You can become like me, and I will delight in watching it destroy you, but I am the original evil. I am above you.”

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