I’d really need some help spreading the word on a situation I’m having right now. My cat is very sick. 

As most of you know, I have a big, hectic family. I take care of my four baby sisters, I work, go to school, and most of the housework is done by me, as my mother is physically disabled. For the past two years, my mom’s home attendant has allowed my indoor cat to go outside against my wishes. My cat’s now too used to it- she’s never home, always getting into fights, always wandering the streets, and she comes back bloodied and bitten by other animals on the street. I’ve tried everything to keep her inside, but when I’m away for work or school, no one stops her from going back to the streets. It turns out she’s allergic to fleas and ticks, and right now she’s got both and she’s very sick. She’s pulling out her fur, hurting herself, already messed up from fights and her life is at a risk here.

To make matters worse, my parents are giving me an ultimatum- they don’t want my baby sisters to get sick from her, so I either have get my cat the medicine she needs or put her down by the end of November. Frankly, I don’t have enough money to buy myself food or public transportation. I can’t pull $400 out of anywhere to get her the vaccinations and treatment she needs. 

 I need to know if anyone can give her a new and better home. I live in New York City. My cat is sprayed, not declawed, but extremely amicable and family friendly. In the seven years I’ve had her, she’s never hurt, attacked, or been hostile to absolutely anyone. Hands down, she’s one of the most docile, sweet cats my friends and I have ever seen.

I’m opening up a donation account (estefaniavelez@yahoo.com) because healing her as much as I can will better her chances at being taken in by someone else. I promise to show poof of purchases/bills if I have to, to prove that your money is going to her. Anything and everything counts. I just want to make sure she’s alive. I really, really can’t bear putting her down. She’s not dying yet, she’s sick and she’s like family to me. She was one of the best things to happen to me after I was adopted. Going through all my child-abuse related trauma, she was one of my emotional anchors. She deserves a good home. She deserves to live. 

Please share this, if you can. Please, please donate if you can manage it- I have a secure paypal account at estefaniavelez@yahoo.com. If there’s anything else I can or should share, or if you have any leads for a home for her, please message me! 

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